Skinscopy – the world’s smallest and lightest skin analyzing device, utilizes your smartphone's flash light and optical zoom function to allow you to look into your skin condition at micro level.

Skinscopy, along with its mobile App (on either iOS or Android), also provides in-depth skin analysis, giving users an at-home reference for their skincare needs.

Seeing is believing. Just try it. It's simple. Clip the patented SkinScopy lens onto your smartphone camera. Once you install the downloadable SkinScopy App, you are ready to take pictures of your skin.

SkinScopy analyzes your skin condition using patented skin image processing technology that has been developed by topnotch scientists in dermatology and biochemistry in Korea.

In addition, you may use SkinScopy as a tool like a digital microscope as it provides up to 50x magnification with continuous LED lighting. At beauty salons, SkinScopy is also used for the purpose of checking hair and hair follicles.


  • Skin analysis under categories like pigmentation, wrinkles, and pores.
  • Record keeping and tracking for the comparison of skin conditions
    before and after treatments.
  • Professional advice on proper skin care routine
  • Usable by multiple users
  • Multi-purpose microscope

Specification & Features

  • Name and model : SKINSCOPY skin analyzing lens SL-10A
  • Size (mm) : 33.5 x 25 x 20
  • Weight : approx 11 g
  • Lens Magnification : 50X
  • Color : White, Rose Gold
  • Measurement: Skin Tone, Pores, Wrinkles, Micorscope
  • iOS & Android compatible
  • App updates that introduce new features
  • Automatic firmware updates

Structure & Technology


The C-shaped clip is provided to help the Skinscopy lens to be firmly fixed onto your smartphone.

LENS MOUNT ADAPTER (for iPhone 6 & 6 Plus) or GUIDE RING (for Android & other versions of iPhones)

The lens mount adapter or guide ring is recommended to use in order for the center of Skinscopy lens to be consistent with smartphone’s camera lens. With the mounting tool, each for Apple or Android phones, you will get the best focused pictures.


The built-in lightguide is designed to utilize the LED from the smartphone as a light source. It is designed to prevent the loss of light, producing high resolution images.

How To Use

On the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Adroid), search for 'SkinScopy' and install the software on your smartphone. SkinScopy app is also downloadable from many other app stores.
Mount SkinScopy lens onto your smartphone. Use the enclosed LENS MOUNT ADAPTER for iPhone (v. 6 & v. 6 Plus), or GUIDE RING & C-Clip for Android and other iPhones for perfect focus.
Tap the SkinScopy app icon to open the SkinScopy mobile app. To start the program, you need to register your Skinscopy device by scanning the QR Code provided and found on the packing box.
Once the device is registered, you can fill in your USER information. Now, you are ready to enjoy a journey into your skin. You can add multiple users by creating different USER accounts.  You can also make full use of the SkinScopy lens as a portable microscope that enables you to look into any micro object with its magnifying power up to 50 times on your smartphone.

For further information on how to use, you can refer to the FAQ section on SkinScopy app.

OEM/ODM Policy

With years of experience and international recognition, IOB Labs proudly offers various OEM/ODM services for sellers in beauty and cosmetics industry covering the following

  1. Original design logos and product names
  2. Original design packaging
  3. Customization of App modules and contents

In addition, we have received numerous patents on our innovative product designs and functions.

Because we are strong advocates of patent rights, all our OEM customers' product designs are held strictly confidential. We are constantly developing innovative technology in order to meet our customers' needs. Minimum orders are negotiable.

We are looking forward to be your valuable business partner all over the world.

Potential use

Skin Analysis, Dermatological use

Beauty Salon’s customer management

Cosmetic store’s customer management

Skin care treatment assess (Before & After)

Promotional Gift for various skin care industries

Analysis for hair care & scalp skin

enhance EDM & social media network marketing