IOB System

IOB system has established itself quickly as a leader in spa, beauty and wellness industries. Focusing on innovation and development, we aim to present the market with effective results and solutions from our high-tech equipment and advanced skincare products.

The success of IOB system is due to its dedication and passion to provide excellent treatment solutions with breaking results.

IOB's entrepreneurship coupled with years of experience has created a competitive range of products, based on the highest standard of requirements and accuracy, insuring high quality.

Our Technics

1. Definition of dissolving microstructures

The dissolving microstructural technology is an advanced transdermal delivery system.
Dissolving microstructures are a combination of high-molecular materials that dissolve into the body and medical substances (active ingredients), which are solidified in the form of microneedles. These physically penetrate the stratum corneum (outermost layer of the epidermis), effectively delivering the ingredients into the skin.

2. The components of dissolving microstructures

Numerous types of active ingredients such as DNA, vitamins, hormones, peptides, etc. can be incorporated into the dissolving microstructures.
The active ingredients, which are solidified into microstructures, penetrate the skin barriers and are then delivered into the skin successfully.